Ain’t Nothing But a G Thang!

On Saturday morning, I woke up to the most exciting news.


Let me tell you all something. I LOVE BASEBALL. Everything about the sport is exciting to me. I could watch baseball all day, every day.

I grew up in The Bronx, New York. I’ve lived here my whole life. That being said, I grew up a New York Yankee fan. I can recall watching baseball as young as three years old. My entire family is obsessed with baseball, specifically Yankees baseball.

The older I got, the more I began to appreciate the sport and not necessarily just Yankees baseball. In high school, I began to read any and every news article and read the standings on a daily. My grandfather holds this same mentality: we appreciate the sport.

Which brings me to Giancarlo Stanton. He has always played for the Miami Marlins, formerly known as the Florida Marlins. I remember watching him play, likely against the New York Mets, and thinking to myself, “wow, this kid is going to go far.” Since then, he’s proven me right and I couldn’t be prouder. I have supported him from close to day one.

You would think, “awesome, this is a dream come true for you, this is great, favorite player on your team.” You would be slightly wrong because… I am currently a fan of the New York Mets. 

I know, pretty scandalous, but let me explain. When I met my partner a few years ago, I was a New York Yankees supporter, but really, I was watching all baseball because the New York Yankees organization was boring. I admit it. It felt like the clubhouse was robotic. There wasn’t much enthusiasm or youth. It didn’t feel like the team I grew up loving. Even the stadium felt different.

Cue to meeting my partner, a unapologetic New York Mets fan. When Spring came along, he took me to a few New York Mets games and the ambiance at CitiField was electric. I felt at home. I didn’t want to admit it at first, but the New York Mets gave me that feeling that I had when I was young. That energy that I missed on the New York Yankees.

So I made the plunge and became a New York Mets fan. Not because my partner wanted me to, but because I wanted to. Not too long after, the New York Mets went all the way to the World Series and it was amazing. They didn’t win, but hey, Post Season Baseball is everything.

Which brings me to my point: My favorite baseball player will now be on the team I supported in my youth and yes, I am extremely excited. I am over the moon.

Does this mean I am going to go back to being a New York Yankees fan? Probably not.

I supported Giancarlo Stanton when he was in Miami, regardless of my affiliation of teams. That’s not going to change now that he’s a New York Yankee. I don’t want to be known as a flip-flopper. I made a commitment to the New York Mets and I plan to see that through.

Will I be showing up to Yankee games in my National League Stanton jersey and supporting the hell out of him? Abso-freaking-lutely. 

Congratulations, G. New York looks great on you. 

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